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James Shopland

Software Engineer
Imparta Ltd

I am a software engineer with a passion for problem-solving and creativity. I started coding at the age of 13, creating Java plugins for Minecraft that garnered over 100,000 downloads. While studying accounting and finance at university, I continued to hone my coding skills as a hobby. My dissertation on behavioral economics sparked an interest in user experience and design, which has since become a key focus in my work.

After training to become an accountant, I made the switch to the IT department of a firm and began working as a full-time developer. I now work at Imparta, with a focus on front-end development. My diverse background and experience allow me to bring a unique perspective to my software engineering projects, and I am constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow.

My Coding Journey

  1. Software Engineer - Frontend FocusedCurrent Role

    During my time at Frazer-Nash I worked on my passion for frontend development. This lead me to take on a new role this year at Imparta as a Software Engineer, where I am able to focus on frontend development and continue to develop my skills in this area.

  2. Senior Engineer, Cloud Technologies Group

    I started work as an Engineer at Frazer-Nash, where I was part of the Cloud Technologies group. This role allowed me to further develop my skills in software engineering and explore my passion for problem-solving and creativity in the rapidly changing field of technology.

  3. Accountant to Engineer

    I made the switch to a developer job, leaving my previous career in accounting to pursue my passion for coding full-time. This decision allowed me to fully immerse myself in the world of software engineering and explore new technologies and approaches.

  4. Accountant

    I was tasked with helping the IT team at an accounting firm create a web app to improve workflows in creating reports, while I was bookeeping. I was initially brought on to test the app and provide feedback on what features to add, but as I worked on the project, I found myself becoming increasingly interested in coding.

  5. Durham University - Behavioural Finance Dissertation

    I wrote a dissertation on behavioral finance, which gave me insights into user experience and design. This sparked my interest in the intersection between psychology and technology, and I began to explore opportunities in software engineering that allowed me to incorporate this knowledge into my work.

  6. Durham University - BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

    I started university to study Accounting and Finance, where I continued to pursue my passion for coding as a hobby. This provided me with a well-rounded education and a strong foundation in business and financial principles.

  7. YouTube - Tech Tutorials

    I started a YouTube channel to post tutorials on completing difficult levels on an iPad app. Over time, my channel grew to include a wide variety of Mac-based tutorials, with two of my videos amassing over 40,000 views. Despite the tutorials being rather out of date, the channel did its best over COVID-19, as people were stuck at home and looking for ways to improve their computer skills.

  8. Discovering Software Engineering

    I began developing Java plugins for Minecraft, which quickly gained popularity and amassed over 100,000 downloads. This experience sparked my interest in coding and set me on a path towards a career in software engineering.

Professional Certificates

AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

From requirements definition and design to development, deployment, and maintenance. Use cloud DBAs, cloud administrators, and clients to implement solutions.