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As a software engineer with a passion for problem-solving and creativity, I love exploring new ideas and discovering the latest trends in this rapidly changing field. In this blog, I share my thoughts on various topics, from projects I have worked on to emerging technologies and industry news

Showcase Projects

Here are some of my favourite software engineering projects. These projects are prime examples of my diverse skill set and experience, demonstrating my ability to use code to solve problems, and to have some fun 😊


Styled React Aria components that you can copy and paste into your apps. The components are accessible, customizable, and open source. Over 300 GitHub stars! The library includes components like date pickers, sliders, progress bars, meters and more...



A OpenAI powered chat application with access to realtime F1 data. You can ask about events of the race, conditions and even transcribe radio messages. Uses Vercel Generative UI to reply with components for a better user experience.


Opening Lines

Generate Opening Message tool, which utilizes ChatGPTs API to help you craft the perfect opening message for any situation. Whether you're looking to make a professional introduction or start a conversation on a dating app, this tool can help you get started with the right words and vibe.


Random Coordinates

Advanced random teleporter for Minecraft with over 100,000 downloads, this popular tool could utilize atmospheric noise to generate random coordinates, providing a more accurate and reliable method than traditional pseudo-random number algorithms commonly used in computer programs.